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Moral Rights Protection

Having a good understanding of moral rights protection is essential to be a role in the modern business arena. This book clearly explains the concepts behind the moral rights and real-world scenarios that require the application of moral rights protection.


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Publication Date

December 31, 2018


Reshan Perera



Table of Content

1.0. Introduction
2.0. What is moral rights protection?
3.0. Harmonization of distinctive jurisdictions by Berne convention
4.0. How moral rights protection is recognized by different nations

4.1. Moral Rights protection in Europe
4.2. Moral Rights protection in United States of America
4.3. Moral Rights protection in United Kingdom

4.3.1. No encroachment except if the privilege has been declared
4.3.2. Extent of protection
4.3.3. Encroachment

4.4. Moral Rights protection in Canada
4.5. Moral Rights protection in France

5.0. Case Law in relation to Moral Rights Protection

5.1. Snow v Eaton Centre Ltd (1982) 70 CPR (2d) 105
5.2. Huston v. Turner Entertainment Inc [1992] 23IIC 702
5.3. Confetti Records v Warner Music UK Ltd [2003] EMLR 35

6.0. Conclusion