Gender Lens Investing Mapping in The Global South: Sri Lanka front cover
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Gender Lens Investing Mapping in The Global South: Sri Lanka

Women today are an unparalleled power in the worldwide economy as effective business people, corporate officials, and family providers.


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However, gender-based discrimination, the nonappearance of lawful rights of women and the determined wage gap obstinately remain. This oddity makes an extraordinary and underexplored open door for financial specialists.

Gender lens investment is the act of contributing for budgetary return while additionally considering the advantages to women. The term was authored around 2009 and turned into an undeniably famous practice in the mid-2010s.

Like different types of impact investing, it very well may test discover expansive open doors for a direct interest in sexual orientation focal point contributing. Portfolios along these lines regularly comprise of numerous little arrangements, which can be obstinate or tedious to gather. Experts of the training likewise contend that it solicits speculators to surrender some from the profits they could anticipate from a sexually impartial venture strategy.

Supporters of gender lens investment contributing contend that organizations with a higher-than-normal extent of women in official jobs will, in general, perform well, perhaps due to an expanded assorted variety of perspectives or on the grounds that not oppressing women enables organizations to enlist the best accessible talent. Business Insider composed of Gender lens investment focal point putting resources into 2015 that ‘It is a demonstrated hypothesis as the majority of the ladies centered assets and venture procedures – a small cut of the $6.6 trillion-socially mindful contributing world – have been champion entertainers over the years.’ According to The Guardian, ladies in microcredit programs likewise will, in general, have higher reimbursement rates than men.

Joann Weiner of the Washington Post composed all the more warily of the methodology’s capacity to convey better than expected returns: “Like all the rest, the ‘ gender lens investment procedure will have its great occasions, and it will have its harsh occasions… pursue a ‘gender lens investment’ venture system in the event that it will benefit the society at large while simply not relying on raking in huge profits in the market on the off chance to execute.

The study was undertaken by conducting 20 Interviews over the island to understand about on the three key components of Projects and Activities; Ideas and Perspectives; and People and Organization in the Field of GLI in Sri Lanka.To feature the basic target, interviews have been directed with Key partners, people and foundations that bargains with gender and financing needs in the nation.
People and organizations actively operating towards the scope of GLI were discussed in the study as Women’s Fund Asia, Lanka Angel Network, Blue Ocean Ventures and Lanka Impact Investment Network while the research highlights the major lending institutions and their respective loan schemes as Economy Next, Women Entrepreneurship Finance Initiative Grant Programme, ‘Liya Isuru’, Uththamavi Loan Financial Solutions For Women Entrepreneurs, Kantha Ran Diriya, Self-Employment Promotion Initiative Phase Ii- Loan Scheme (Sep I – II), Kantha Ran Ginum, Diriya Sthree, Vardhana Sahanaya, Swashakthi Loan Scheme And ‘Enterprise Sri Lanka Credit Scheme’.

The study emphasizes on the recommendations to enhance the diversity of actors and collaborations across the field while analyzing in depth as to how gender equity in the workplace is practiced, how investments in products and services for women, especially when and where women are an underserved market, how Investments are done to address the systematic exclusion or exploitation of women, how the Share Market Investments vary based on GLI and policies adopted in Investing in Projects/ Establishments that would uplift Women’s quality of Life.

Under projects and activities of the study, Movement of Finance in the eco-system relating to gender equality, role of investors in GLI, measurements and standards, major projects for women and social entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, recommendations to enhance the flow of capital with a gender lens were discussed to give an insight on the existing practices in the country in relation to GLI. Barriers to GLI were identified as Lack of awareness and Knowledge, Lack of dedicated organizations in the GLI field, Issues Identified with female investors and Issues identified with female entrepreneurs.

In summary, recommendations were explained in the study based on role of educators, government and women investors, educating the investors on gender lens, investing, its aspects and benefits to a wide range of stakeholders, taking the financial products of various banks and institutes to the village, encourage debate and education on gender lens investments , having rigid measurements, role of government and non-governmental organizations, enhancing the quality of women entrepreneurs, capacity building and empowerment, initiation of dedicated organizations to promote and gender lens based impact investments, establishing gender lens investing activities with methodical monitoring, reporting and assessment, designing action plans to establish gender lens investing activities and encouraging leadership in organizations to instate the concept of gender lens investments.


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March 26, 2020


Reshan Perera




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