How to Relieve Pain After a Breakup? - Front Cover
How to Relieve Pain After a Breakup? - Front Cover
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How to Relieve Pain After a Breakup?

If I had a dime for each time I was told, ‘When the relationship of a man ends, he moves on to the next woman. Women just sit and pout around every nook and corner.’


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By hooking up, boys get through breakups,” and “Because they don’t get distressed, it’s easy for boys’ to split.”Surprisingly enough, I have found for years of love and affairs that after breakups, men and women have different ways of dealing with heartache. Sometimes it’s difficult for someone to assess whether or not their partner is hurting after the breakup emerged because the partner in question, copes uniquely with the emotions.


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November 9, 2019


Reshan Perera




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