Introduction to Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

The fast loading websites always score more audience and sales in the modern internet edge. Content Delivery Networks (CDN) enhance web performance by reducing the web page load time for the web visitors and reducing the traffic load to the origin web server. A CDN is a globally distributed content cache that delivers the content from the closest server location to the visitor.


Brand Image Profiling – Multiplicative Model

Brand image is the consumer’s perception of the Brand’s position determining where the brand. Products sold by a company are affiliated with delivering a set of beneficial attributes (emotional, rational, functional attributes, etc.).

Gender Lens Investing Mapping in The Global South: Sri Lanka front cover

Gender Lens Investing Mapping in The Global South: Sri Lanka

Women today are an unparalleled power in the worldwide economy as effective business people, corporate officials, and family providers.


Conducting A SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is one of the evaluation methods that is commonly used by almost every standard company.

Understanding Porter’s Five Forces Analysis front cover

Understanding Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Porter’s five force model is an analytical tool that analyzes five competitive forces that help marketers and business managers.

The Perfect Diet by Madushani Kannangara Front Cover

The Perfect Diet

This book is for anyone who wants to lose weight and to help understand the journey and that there is no magic diet pill out there. It’s all up to you

Fundamental Aspects of Operations and Global Supply Chain Management - front cover

Fundamental Aspects of Operations and Global Supply Chain Management

The report analyses the fundamental aspects of operations and global supply chain management by appraising and evaluating the role of operations in the modern business context and critically appraising product and process design and its connection with operations and global supply chains, competitive performance indicators and business economics.


Digital Marketing Campaign Process

No e-commerce platform is real e-commerce operations-oriented in today’s business world except very few that were created for the purpose of it (ex: AliExpress, ASOS,

Hint: e-commerce experts will understand better!

Driving Value to A Marketplace

Driving Value to A Marketplace

No one seems to think of the real value drivers of a Marketplace unless everyone is trying to increase the Marketing and Promotional activities while aligning them to enhance customer experience without looking at the real value drivers or the core benefits a customer or a vendor seek from a Marketplace Concept which is emerging with the advancement of technology and widespread growth in conglomerate and e-commerce industries.


Midnight Haze

Living a simple life, Aria – a researcher at a small time publication, was never able to prove her theories to be accurate.