How to Relieve Pain After a Breakup? - Front Cover

How to Relieve Pain After a Breakup?

If I had a dime for each time I was told, ‘When the relationship of a man ends, he moves on to the next woman. Women just sit and pout around every nook and corner.’


The Art of Relationships

Mystery…. Hurt…. Silence…. Opportunities missed. It is one of the great tragedies of the modern life that many partners behave as complete strangers while living together.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder - Book Front Cover

Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder (BPD) is a common psychiatric disorder with chronic mania/ psychotic symptoms and distress.

Chaos Theory and Basic Applications cover

Chaos Theory and Basic Applications

Chaos theory is a mathematical system which focuses on the behaviour of a dynamical system which is of high sensitivity to initial conditions.


Digital Marketing Campaign Process

No e-commerce platform is real e-commerce operations-oriented in today’s business world except very few that were created for the purpose of it (ex: AliExpress, ASOS,

Hint: e-commerce experts will understand better!

Driving Value to A Marketplace

Driving Value to A Marketplace

No one seems to think of the real value drivers of a Marketplace unless everyone is trying to increase the Marketing and Promotional activities while aligning them to enhance customer experience without looking at the real value drivers or the core benefits a customer or a vendor seek from a Marketplace Concept which is emerging with the advancement of technology and widespread growth in conglomerate and e-commerce industries.


Midnight Haze

Living a simple life, Aria – a researcher at a small time publication, was never able to prove her theories to be accurate.


Gender Lens Investments and Perspectives: A Secondary study on South Asia

Gender Lens Investment had been a new topic to South Asia and is growing together with the popularity of the Impact Investment concept in the Asian Region. However, still the awareness among the investors and entrepreneurs with regard to gender lens investing could be considered basic. Hence, a secondary analysis has been performed in this study so as to identify the applicability of the GLI Concept across South Asia.


Moral Rights Protection

Having a good understanding of moral rights protection is essential to be a role in the modern business arena. This book clearly explains the concepts behind the moral rights and real-world scenarios that require the application of moral rights protection.

Strategic Position in Strategic Management book front cover

Strategic Position in Strategic Management

It is not that easy for a business to survive in a turbulent business environment and hence the need of strategic management is a must in the modern context.